Magento SEO Automatic Open Graph & Twitter Cards Tags on All Pages

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The Magento module helps to add Open Graph and Twitter tags automatically on all pages of the website.

The module Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. To turn web pages into graph objects, you need to add metadata to your page. Fix issues in various webmaster tools. Testing using online tools. They make content more eye-catching on social media and help in traffic to a website.

The major search engines analyze these Open Graph tags. It is important to add Open Graph tags on the web pages, particularly if these pages are frequently shared on social networks like Facebook.

Twitter Cards basically do the same thing as Open Graph tags, except that only Twitter looks at them.
If Twitter can’t find any Twitter Card tags, it will use Open Graph tags, so you might be able to skip setting them up if your Open Graph tags are set correctly.

Social media sites are the major drivers of most web traffic. Consequently, the ability to harness the power of social meta tags is a vital skill for today’s marketers. The tags can affect conversions and click-through rates hugely.

Adding Open Graph tags to your website affects your on-page SEO and influences the performance of your links on social media.

This is a protocol that allows a web page to become a "rich" object in a social network.

This module helps to increase exposure to potential customers lower marketing expenses, reach a targeted audience, build brand loyalty, increase store traffic, and boost SEO.

The module is easy to use and install.

Social media is considered the most popular media in the world and is quickly becoming a MUST to include in a company’s marketing campaigns. Social marketing is very new, and companies must stay on top of how to use these tools to improve their positions in their industries.

Social media pages are indexed by search engines, allowing greater search engine optimization and leading to more cross-promotion in other social and email marketing channels

This helps to increase the popularity of your store among people.


- Helps in Search Engine Optimization.
- Boost Your SEO by Using Open Graph and Twitter Cards Tags.
- Helps in improvement in ranking in all search engines.
- It helps in an increase in web traffic.
- Helps to get targeted traffic and related store products and services.
- Provide greater information to search engines to improve their understanding of your business and of the content on your website.
- It can act as an authentication for a business address if it matches the
- Google Business Listing, in doing so improves local SEO.
- Implementing rich snippets can have a huge impact on how your pages perform in the search engines.
- The module is easy to use and install.
- Fully responsive 100%.
- Lightweight. (Smaller file size which loads faster.)
- SEO-friendly.
- Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions.
- Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers.
- Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, and reach targeted audiences.
- Multiple browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Edge).
- Mobile, Tablet, and all devices compatible.
- Multi-language and Multi Store compatible.
- 24*7 Support
- Good Documentation
- YouTube videos regarding module installation, configuration, and how to use are available on our YouTube channel.
- Module works without doing any change in the existing PrestaShop file so that existing customization and theme change do not affect.

Benefits to Merchants

- Higher Chances of Ranking on SERPs
- Better Click through Rates
- Better Marketing Opportunity
- More Qualified Leads
- More Credibility
- Reduce expenses
- Increase sales
- Improve customer service and loyalty
- Customer convenience
- Competitive advantages
- Expand market reach
- Proactive outreach
- Reports and analytics
- Real-Time Convenience to Customers
- Cost-Efficient
- Stand out Among Competitors
- Eye-catching results => drawing a search user’s attention from your competitors’ listings to your own result.
- Potential CTR increases => Possibly increasing click-through rates and lowering the chance of the user ‘bouncing’ as they see more information about the page before clicking through (there is also the potential to deter users if the additional rich snippets of information show something they were not looking for).
- Providing ‘quality’ results => offering results that could match the user’s intent more closely. On the downside, if the informational benefit of the rich snippet satisfies the user's search query, it might eliminate the need to click through for further engagement.
- Develop Deeper Customer Relationships
- Increase in Conversions and Average Order Values

How to create an APP ID

Step 1: To get started, go to and click the “Add a new app” button to create a new Facebook app.

Step 2: Give your app a name and click the Create button to get your own App ID. It is a simple sequence of digits like 579119035755849.

Step 3: Go to your Facebook Page, click the Settings tab, choose Messenger Platform, Whitelisted domain, enter the full URL of your website and click Save. You can also enter multiple domains if you wish to embed the same widget on multiple websites.

Step 4: Get the Facebook Page ID of the specific page that you wish to connect with the customer chat widget. All customer interactions will show in the inbox of this page.

Step 5: We are almost done. Open your website template and copy-paste the following code into the footer of your template. You need to replace the App_ID from Step 2 and Facebook Page_ID from

Below URLs helps to do the testing of Open Graph and Twitter Cards tags





- Feature to add different social media URLs from the admin panel easily
- Lightweight. (Smaller file size which loads faster.)
- Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions.
- Customer relationship improvement and management. Maintain existing customers &      attract new customers
- Customers easily know about your products, services, events, and engagement in store
- Increase in sales and store traffic
- Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers. 
- Specially designed for ®Magento
- Easy to set configuration and easy to use 
- SEO friendly 
- Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, and reach targeted audiences.
- Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions.
- The module works without making any changes in the existing files so that existing customization and theme change do not affect them it.

Technical Features

- Easy and Fast configuration
- Good Documentation
- Works with the latest versions of ®Magento 2.0,2.1,2.2,2.3,2.4,2.5,2.6,2.7,2.8,2.9,3.0
- 24*7 Support
- Mobile, Tablet, and all devices compatible
- Multiple browsers compatibility(IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari,Chrome and Edge)
- We provide free technical and feature support in installation, and configuration, as well as access to updates available for this product.

Other :

Please leave your valuable feedback after using the module.

This will help to increase self-confidence, improve service, and enhance the module as per requirements to make it better for different online stores.

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